Look & feel fabulous without breaking the bank.

Complexion Programs

Designed to solve skin woes and enhance complexion. Specially constructed to help you reveal a side to the world that is nothing short of flawless. Whether you are using it to give your complexion a much needed overhaul, or to support your skin through the year as maintenance, they are versatile enough to ensure all your skin needs are taken care of.

The difference between a dull complexion and a porcelain smooth complexion is large, unsightly pores! Minmize pore size, reduce oil (sebum) production with our Pore Reduction Program.

The result? Matte, healthier & less oily skin!

Excellent for patients who are plagued with large pores and oily skin. Our Pore Reduction program includes Laser Peel + Microdermabrasion+ LED Red + Astringent Facial Wraps. Our program is designed to tighten and firm up your skin as well as to reduce your pore size. Enjoy a porcelain smooth complexion today!

[+] Laser Peel
[+] LED Red
[+] Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing

Program Details:
6 sessions Laser Peel, 3 sessions Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing, 3-time LED Red therapy, 6-time Astringent Facial Wraps.


Based on a revolutionary Japanese research into ultimate skin whitening and pigment removal, this intensive program focuses on erasing stubborn dark patches on the skin as well as increasing skin fairness in under 2 months.
Pigment laser is FDA approved for treatment of skin discolouration. Vitamin therapy, our all-time favourite skin therapy, does serious wonders in improving skin health, radiance and overall glow. And the best thing? It uses only natural and organic nutrients.

[+] Pigment laser
[+] Vitamin Therapy
[+] Milk Peel

Program Details:
6 sessions Pigment laser, 3 sessions Vitamin Therapy, 3 Milk Peel, 3 whitening facial wraps


Clear out acne without the hassle & side effects of oral medications! This program uses sophisticated light technology to kill bacteria and improve skin healing, cleaning and clearing out problem skin.
Purifying program is designed to battle skin redness, broken capillaries, inflamed zits and irritated skin efficiently while delivering maximal skin rejuvenating benefits. It further tones up weakened collagen, beefing up skin health to withstand future environmental stress.

Excellent for patients who want to reduce acne without medication. The end result? Clearer looking skin! Vbeam Perfecta + Purifying Peel + I-Clear + Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing + Acne Collagen Mask.

[+] Vbeam Perfecta
[+] Purifying Peel
[+] I-Clear
[+] Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing

Program Details:
6 sessions Vbeam Laser, 3 sessions of I-Clear, 3 sessions of Purifying Peel, 3-time of Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing, 3-time Acne Collagen Mask.


Worried that your cloudy complexion needs some CPR? This extremely efficient skin renewal laser may be the lighter cousin of our signature full-fledged Mixto lite but it can as easily breathe new life into your otherwise tepid tone, especially when done over a series of comfortable, low down-time sessions.
Complexion-transforming carbon dioxide laser now comes in an airbrush microspray set to deliver deep dermal, peau-transforming benefits but without the tell tale downtime. Star qualities include instant stimulation skin’s natural cell renewal cycle, enhancement of skin texture and elasticity as well as correction of imperfections and fine lines. This deceptively simple program leaves your skin sparkling.

Just 4 frivolously easy sessions of this skin changing Mixto light reveals a younger, brighter, super-supple look.

[+] Mixto Light
[+] LED Red

Program Details:
4 sessions Mixto Light, 4-time LED Red Photomodulation therapy, 4-time Radiance Gel wraps.


Bothered and bewildered by persistent lacklustre skin, resistant pores, stubborn pigmentation and lines that refuse to budge with anything? This brilliant complexion perfector is exactly what you need.
Designed for those living life in the fast lane, this glow-getting protocol utilizes advanced Fraxel Light microlaser peel technology and LED Red Photomodulation to transform and deeply invigorate stressed weathered skin without incurring significant downtime. Power your skin with pure light energy, and be rewarded as it blooms with fresh luminous clarity and an irresistible silky bouncy touch.

[+] Fraxel Light
[+] LED Red

Program Details:
6 sessions Fraxel Light, 6-time LED Red Photomodulation therapy, 6-time Radiance Gel wraps.


Face Programs

Designed to lift, tone and define. Specially constructed to help you put your best face forward. Whether you are using it to give your face a much needed makeover, or to support your face through the year as maintenance, they are versatile enough to ensure all your facial needs are taken care of.

The ultimate gentle laser procedure to tighten pores and firm up your skin. Laser Toning stimulates your skin’s deepest layers to produce new, strong and elastic collagen fibers to replace the older, stretched skin fibers.

Skin looks younger and finer with treatment. For lineless, poreless and ageless skin, embark on our Tone & Lift program today.

[+] Laser Toning
[+] Light Lift
[+] Vitamin C Sonophoresis
[+] LED Red

Program Details: 3 sessions Laser Toning, 3 Light Lift, 3 Vit C Iontophoresis, 3 LED Red, 6 Whitening Facial Wraps.


The perfect V-shaped face has been a silent envy of many ladies across Asia, everyday women and superstars alike. Now you can easily pare pounds off your face without the blade for a mysteriously fresh and defined contour. We combine a light touch of magic with Botulinum Toxin microinjections with Ultherap for a fabulously sculpted facial contour.

[+] Botulinum Toxin for facial contouring
[+] Ulthera Jawline

Program Details:
2 sessions Botulinum Toxin jaw, Ulthera Jawline


Destined to put a twinkle in your eye, this ‘eye-opening’ program is designed to optimally tighten and lift sagging skin over six gentle little-to-no downtime sessions of collagen strengthening lasers for the upper and lower eyelids. Bid adieu to droopy eyes & saggy lids with this ultimate weapon to uncover bigger, brighter, more beautiful eyes without surgery.

Great as a maintenance treatment after Thermage Eye or as a combination therapy with our signature dark circle eraser Revitalift Undereye

[+] Sygma Eyelift
[+] Thermage Eye
[+] Revitalift Undereye

Program Details: 1 session of Thermage Eye,1 session of Revitalift Undereye, 3 sessions of Sigma Eyelift


Body Programs

Clothes don’t drape well. You don’t like what you see in the mirror. And there just aren’t any diet/exercise in the world you’ve tried or any surgery you’re willing to undergo that’s going to bust those bulges affectionately known as the muffin top, love handles, saddle hips and thunder thighs.

Time to wage war on those not-so-hard core areas with this body-perfecting duo which has received the nod of approval from FDA:

(1) Coolsculpting, the latest blub-terminator sends chills into the hearts of resistant fat cells;

(2) Thermage™ to firm up your victory against loose, flabby parts. Post-pregnancy pooches and party paunches beware!

[+] Coolsculpting
[+] Body Shape by Thermage

Program Details: 4 sessions Coolsculpting, 1 session Body Thermage.
*additional RM1600 to upgrade to CoolAdvantage cycles.